Sunday, January 26, 2014

(Preparing for) Lego Week: Lego Store Outting!

Living near a major city graces us with the chance to shop at all kinds of neat stores. A few of us took the 20 minute drive to head to our local Lego Store in preparation of the coming Lego Movie and all the fun crafts we are bringing you this week. Well, we needed supplies and the kids wanted to have some fun.

Our local store has a lot of cool features that the kids (and adults) enjoyed.
There are several build-stations all over the store. You can build a Lego Man just like you at the Build-A-Mini Tower or you can use the tables and create a home-- there are such a variety of bricks to choose from and work with!
 While the kids got busy making mini creations, the mamas went brick hunting at the Pick-A-Brick Wall. This wall is covered with little bins. You can buy a small or large size cup and fill it up with anything your hearts desire. We made sure to pick up all of the elements you need to make cars. I took a handful of pink bricks (since we only own bricks from the 80's in my house) and flowers -- you can never have too many lego flowers.

While we were in the store, the staff gave us the latest copy of Lego magazine and a WyldStyle poster for the upcoming movie! We will be making it a point to go back the week they are giving out Lego Batman posters-- we are BIG Batman fans in our household.

As Caitlin has already pointed out in our Kid's Crafting post-- there is a free Lego build on the first Tuesday of every month. Search for your local store to see what events are coming up!

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