Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Say No More, Mon Amour! It's Rex Manning Day!

We are a bit in love with Empire Records and I've had the whole movie memorized for years. Today is Rex Manning Day and I wanted to celebrate this movie and share some great music related crafts I've seen.

Here is a tutorial on how to make a notebook from an old record. I love this idea and tutorial by Stars For Streetlights. 

Next is this cool wristband also made from a record by College Candy. I've seen a ton of jewelry made from records and guitar strings and picks- so cool!

I love this coin purse made from an old cassette tape by chezlin.  I also saw a notebook made with a tape- very cute! 

DIY Fashion  shows you how to make this wallet, too! 

If you have one of those pick punches you could cut picks out of lots of different materials! Shannon once covered an entire scrapbook with them for me. I love this guitar pick table. I can think of a lot of things I'd love to cover in guitar picks. 

DIY Budget Girl shows you how to make a shelf out of an old guitar. I've seen lots of these online for sale and just think its a great idea if I ever find a cheap guitar at a thrift store.

I've seen a lot of tutorials for melting records into bowls. Here's one from Instructables.com. I have a few of these and I use them around my craft table. 

I hope you are inspired to make some music related projects - I know I'm dying to try out a few of these this weekend! The time to hesitate is through. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

How to dress like Captain America

Looking for inspiration in fashion is something everyone does. Sometimes, you just don't realize you are doing it. Today, I am inspired to dress like the one and only Captain America...Aka Steve Rogers. I have been waiting for the new movie to release and am super excited the time has almost come. I am currently piecing an outfit to wear to the movies when my husband take me on a date with the kids to see it.

First of all, if you never heard of Captain America, you must be living under a rock. But in case you are unsure of who he is, he was a soldier who during WWII went through an experimental procedure which transformed him into a Super Soldier. He is practically unstoppable and super sexy! His most prized possession must be his trusty shield because that thing has saved his life more than a few times! He never leaves home without it.

When I made my first Super Hero inspired necklace, it was my Captain America necklace. I was inspired by his shield the most and hope that you can see how I incorporated the shield into the concept of the design.
When planning my outfit, I first think of the color scheme I want to bring in from my inspiration. Captain America is TOTALLY 100% Americana so obviously red, white and blue come to mind immediately. I would also use silver as it is metallic and reminds me of his strong shield. Designs to consider would be stars, stripes and circles.

Boots would make the most sense to wear with the outfit because he is a soldier and soldiers wear boots. I would even love to see a pair of Doc Martin Red combat boots here. If you like wearing tall boots, I would wear jeans under brown boots.

When syling yourself while being inspired by something, you really need to remember your details and accessories. Nail art is super trendy right now. I am in no way a nail art artist, but it doesn't mean I can't have fun! I would keep the color scheme the same as the clothing. Red, white, blue and silver. Personally, I love glitter and would definitely throw silver glitter into the nail design. Heck, maybe even some stars! Since I am a beginner, I think I will try doing a white nail with red stripes, a blue nail with white dots, a silvery glitter nail, a star nail and lastly, captain America's shield (if i can).

I am totally in love with styling this outfit with a circle purse. It is a perfect nod to his trusty shield. Would you agree?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Captain America Week: Captain Inspired Barrettes

Want to make some cute hair accessories for your little ones (or your not-so-little ones)?
All you need is a few scraps of felt, a hair clip, and glue or a needle and thread.

Step 1. Gather your materials. I like to upcycle and use my scraps so often my project is determined by what I have on hand. These barrettes take barely a few inches of material. I used felt but you could use any fabric (though I prefer those that don't unravel easily).

Step 2: Cut out your object. For the wings, I sketched a design on paper and used that as a template. On the shield, I traced a small circular children's toy for the largest circle and did a free hand version for the smaller circles and the star.

Step 3: Once you have the pieces ready, use your glue or thread to tack them all together and attach the hair barrette. Try out the clip and see what you think. Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Handmade Captain America Greeting Cards

My Fiance's birthday is this weekend and I'm just in luck that Captain America Winter Soldier comes out this weekend, too! He loves superheroes even more than I do so the birthday date is all planned. 

My son and I worked together on the cards, using circle punches and star punches to make the iconic shield. 

I haven't always loved making my own cards, but when they are as simple as this it is great and you save yourself $4.00. 

The second card I made was also simple and fast. I just cut different sized rectangles with my scraps from the shield and used another star. It looks a little like the old school Captain America costume. 

If you have never tried card making before, I suggest you give it a go with simple shapes like these ones. 

Monday, March 31, 2014

Captain America's Shield - Kid's Craft

Getting Captain America Week started with a really simple Kid's Craft. We wanted to make an easy Captain America shield that the little kids could do that wouldn't take too long after dinner. 

We gathered plates (mine were plastic but I suggest paper), ribbon and tape, some paint for the older two kids and construction paper for the little one. I already had three white stars cut out from a die-cut machine. I loosely sketched some circles for them to divide the colors they could use. 

All I used for the back was some ribbon and tape so they could hold their shields up. Simple enough! 

Stay tuned all week for some more Captain America related crafts! 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Fun April Fool's Day Prank

My 4 year old is learning all about April Fool's Day jokes. Last year, he played a mean one on me by hiding around the car and I really couldn't find him for a few minutes putting me into panic-mom-mode. This year, I wanted to show him that you can have harmless April Fool's Day fun instead of scaring your own mother to death! 

I had a ton of googly eyes from previous crafting and thought we could put them to good use. We started by putting them all over Nana's desk - the mouse, keyboard, stapler, drawer, coffee maker, etc. Then my fiance suggested we use the rest on the picture frames we have going up the staircases. Take a look:

My son had a lot of fun placing the eyes on the pictures and picking which ones would go where. Now he is patiently waiting for Nana to get home so she can be surprised by all the funny pictures. 

Now I'm planning a good harmless prank to pull on him! What are you doing this April Fool's Day? 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Build and Grow - Lowe's Classes for Kids!

Do you have a Lowe's in your area?
As you saw in our previous post, Crafting Kiddies , we are always looking for a creative outlet for our children... and honestly, it is even better if it is free!
My sisters and I were raised in a tight-knit family of 8 (6 children, 2 parents, and a few pets here and there). With there being so many of us, we were raised to make the most out of what you have and look for opportunities that are cost-effective. For most of us, this has carried on into our own parenting so when I hear of something fun to do and it is free or inexpensive to join, I try it out.

A few weeks ago, Maureen and I took our children to check out the Lowe's Build and Grow  program at our local hardware shop. Yes, we are fortunate to be in an area that has a Home Depot and a Lowe's close by.

This kid's class was a little bit different from the ones we had attended at Home Depot. With Lowe's, you must sign up to go to class on their website. Every store has a limited number of attendees so sign up early! Honestly, we had been trying to sign up for a few months but the local classes were always full. Once you sign up on the site, an email with permission slips is sent to the parents. You need to complete the form so that your child can attend. When we arrived, we needed to hand in our permission slips at the desk and were given our kits!

Lowe's did a great job, impressing us with the event! Every child was given a Lowe's apron, child-sized safety goggles, a small hammer to borrow, and a bird house kit with instructions and activity pages.

We took our kits to the tables that were set up and started our bird houses. It was great to see the children get excited about hammering in the nails. The birdhouse even had a hinged roof that allowed it to open and close. This was a great opportunity to teach the older kids about how hinges work too.

While we were hammering away, the manager of the Build and Grow program came by and introduced himself. He noticed that it was our first time and ran to give us an extra kit from a prior class so they kids would have a chance to build a little something at home. It was so nice of him!
Upon completion, we were given an iron on patch for our new aprons and a certificate of achievement!

The kids had a great time and so did the moms. It is always so nice to see your child have an opportunity to try new things! Thanks, Lowe's!!