Monday, November 24, 2014

Elf on the Shelf Calendar

Today I am sharing my Elf on the Shelf calendar I plan to follow for 2014. I have been feeling so busy lately I thought it would just be easiest to make my own calendar so I don't even have to think about what to do each night with the Elf. This is only my second year doing the Elf on the Shelf tradition. Last year I tried to stick to my plans but I didn't always follow through - no big deal. There is no pressure in my opinion - do what you can! 

Our elf is getting just a little mischievous this year, but not making too much of a mess. Do you have any elaborate Elf ideas this year? Or does your Elf like to stay put on one shelf? 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Christmas Traditions: A Book a Day

I cannot believe Christmas Eve is only a month away. I am in the middle of moving to my first house so I feel a little lost for time! This year I wanted to keep my book tradition simple.

 I did not buy any new Christmas books and I wrapped everything in brown package paper. After I wrapped all the books I stamped the date I want my son to read the book on the paper- simple and fast. He absolutely loved opening and reading the books last year and I plan to keep it going for many years to come. 

I am working on my activity advent calendar next. I'm trying to figure out how to make a quick and simple version. Here is last year's Book list and Activity Advent Calendar. Have you begun working on any projects for the holiday season? 

Monday, September 8, 2014

New Pork Tenderloin Recipe

So have you ever invented a new recipe and just had to share it with the world? This one I made up last night, and I just HAD to share. The flavors are DIVINE! This is a MUST me:)


Pork Tenderloin (mine was about 3 lbs)(remove the fat)
one small red onion (chopped)
Real bacon bits (or just bacon and you crumble it up)
Apple (mine was a pink lady but whatever you have works)
Blueberry Honey (reg honey works too but mine happened to be flavored)
McCormicks smoked Applewood Rub
Tin Foil

Preheat over 350 Degrees. Line Roasting Pan with Tin Foil for easy cleanup. I cut a slit down the middle of the bottom of the tenderloin after removing the fat. I placed a chopped apple, red onion and real bacon bits in the center and drizzled with the blueberry honey. Then i pinned together the sides with toothpicks and flipped it over. Then i rubbed the McCormick seasoning all over top of the pork, sprinkled Rosemary on that and then a small amount of cinnamon over that. Placed a piece of tin foil over the pork to cover it. Since my pork was 3 lbs, it baked covered for 1 hour and 15 mins.

It came out SOOOOO juicy, tender and delicious. Let me know what you think!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Happy Birthday, Harry Potter!

Did you know it is Harry Potter's Birthday today? My son very recently just saw some of the movies for the first time and has been obsessed ever since, and wants to be Harry for halloween this year. A few months ago, I posted a link to this tutorial which shows you how you can make wands. I had planned on trying it out but didn't get around to it until the kid showed an interest.

They were so easy! They're the perfect size and they are actually very sturdy. Each one is unique and the instructions were simple to follow. I wanted to share our wands that we made with the tutorial by trainsandtutus. We each made our own with dowels ($3.00 for a bag of 20), a glue stick, construction paper, hot glue gun, and paint. I have plenty more to make for my neice and nephews, too!

First we took a dowel and put glue all over the back of a piece of construction paper. We rolled the dowel tightly in the paper and snipped the ends.

Then I took a glue gun and made handles and random designs on the wands. I spun the stick while slowly pouring the glue out to make the handles and i liked how it dripped down the stick as I went.

They dry pretty quickly but I let it sit a few hours just in case. After that, I painted over everything in black acrylic paint. The glue was easy to paint.

 I almost wanted to keep it like that! It looked cool. But I had the metallic paint and wanted to give it a shot so we each painted our own wands.

I loved the tutorial and I love the wands so much I'm definitely making more. It was so simple and the result is unique, fun, and sturdy. Give it a try and share pictures!

Have a great Harry Potter's Birthday!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Sailor Moon Inspired Crafts

In case I haven't mentioned it before, I love Sailor Moon. I am beyond excited for Sailor Moon Crystal on July 5th, 2014. I thought I'd share some things today that were inspired by Sailor Moon.

First are some gorgeous Sailor Moon inspired earrings that are on sale at our Etsy Shop! 

I wanted to make a quick and easy card. I decided to use my butterfly hole punch and some enamel dots to make the Sailor Scout bows. It came together very quickly, which is perfect for me. Now I just need to add my greeting and it is ready to go!

Another item for sale in our Etsy Shop is this Sailor Moon Inspired Necklace. It goes nicely with the earrings! It reminds me of her scepter in Sailor Moon Super S. 

I love Duct Tape crafts and this one blew me away. It is a Duct Tape Purse inspired by Sailor Moon's outfit. The one below is the one I bought myself, but Dexter's Boutique on Etsy has several more styles! Isn't it so pretty?

It also occurs to me that the Captain American Barrettes we posted before are pretty similar to the wing barrettes that Sailor Moon wears in her hair! A few minor tweaks and you're set!

I'm off to do some more Sailor Moon Crafting because I'm too excited to stop!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Remembering Loved Ones - Scrapbooking Idea

May and June are big months for our family as we remember our grandparents. Yesterday was my Pop pop's birthday and tomorrow will be my Grandmom's birthday. My Grandpop and Mom mom both have their birthdays in June. Then, of course, there is Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Memorial Day (both my grandfathers served). I wanted to make a special memorial page in my album for them, and when I thought about what I wanted it to include, I thought I'd add in all four of the funeral cards I've been holding on to so I would never lose them. 

To make the page, I used a pocket protector. They come in lots of varieties. This one is by Becky Higgins Project Life. On each side of the page I included a photo of each couple, a 4x6 journaling card with just little random things I remember and never want to forget, and the funeral cards. I didn't tape them down to the 3x4 polka dot cards underneath them so I can pull them out and read the backs in the future. 

I'm happy that it turned out simple and useful, as well as documented some of the things I've been thinking about during these months that remind me so much of them. I'd love to hear how others are storing their prayer cards or remembering loved ones! Share below! 

Monday, May 12, 2014

DIY Eclectic Alphabet Wall Art: Part 5

So let's say you have all of your letters complete-- now what? It took me weeks to get up the nerve to put a hole in the wall and start hanging! Let's hope that the same doesn't happen to you!

Now that we are putting it all together, flip over your letters and give them a good inspection. How many hangers do you already have on the letters and how many do you need to buy? I went to Home Depot and bought a picture hanging kit. The kit had some heavy duty hooks and some light weight options. I used both, depending on what I was hanging. I used the heavy duty hooks on the button-covered "O" and the fabric-heavy "G". The light weight were great for the letters I created from cardboard, the letters with chipboard bases, things like that. I super glued the hooks on the backs of the letter so that I could have a flush attachment (and I didn't have to worry about splitting wood, etc.).

Start by measuring the wall where you would like to hang your letters. In my case, I had a whole wall in my daughter's room to play with. Next, I measured that same amount of space on my floor. Take the letters and lay them out. Consider a few different elements-- spacing (letter to letter and line to line), color story (are there too many of one theme/color together), and if you want the alphabet to read in a logical way (does your eye travel along the line or does it look everywhere at once).

Once you have your letters laid out, you should start translating that to the wall. I started in the upper left corner with the letter A. Put a dab of toothpaste on the hanger hook and press the letter up against the wall. This will easily mark where you need to place your nails. Every so often, you will want to stand back and make sure the spacing you had laid out is what is coming up on the wall as well.