Friday, January 24, 2014

Ice Marbles- Cool Project!

This has been a cold winter for those of us in Southeastern PA! We are about to have some very cold days coming up and so I had to try this out! 

I began by getting some food dye and balloons. I put a few drops of dye in the balloons and then used my sink to fill up the balloons with water. I put just enough in to make it a round ball. 

Then I put them outside to freeze. It had just started snowing when I did this!

The snow ended up covering the balloons so they weren't freezing well. I had to move them and wait patiently for them to freeze.

After being too impatient and accidentally ruining one, I decided to wait overnight to open the rest of the balloons. I flipped over the balloons to make sure the bottom was freezing, too. 

I took the balloons off the next morning and got these cool frozen colored balls! My son loves them. 

I hope you give it a try! They look so cool!


  1. So, after freezing them, you remove the outer rubber balloon and this colored "marble" is what was inside? How cool!!! I love the yellow one --

    1. That's right! I used scissors to cut off the rubber and now I have heavy, solid balls with fantastic marble coloring.