Monday, January 27, 2014

Lego Week: DIY Lego Table

Welcome to Lego Week! Today I'm showing off a super easy Lego idea. I wanted to share my Lego Table with you. After gathering materials, it took less than five minutes, and my son has already been playing with it for over an hour... quietly... in his room. :)

I found this amazing, short, yellow, plastic table at a yard sale. It was $.50. YES! Fifty Cents! Right away I knew I would use it for a Lego Table for my son. 

We are lucky enough to live 20 minutes away from a Lego Store. You can find a whole list of store locations on their website. Check out our post about their store here! That is where I found this Building Plate. You can also find them at Toys R Us, Target, Amazon, etc. They sell them in the Duplo size if you have little toddlers in your home, too.

I used super glue around the edges and used Scotch Super 77 Adhesive Spray all over and just centered it on the table. It dried quickly and is the perfect size for my 4 year old son.

A quick search for Lego Tables will show many selling for around $75. I made mine for $15. I've also seen people use those Ikea Lack side tables for Lego Tables. The tables are $7-$15 depending on the color and you can add 4 building plates for $5 each. Those are slightly bigger than this one and will cost you around $35 to make! I hope you get to try this out for your Lego loving kids! 

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