Wednesday, January 1, 2014

DIY Board Game

This Christmas, my family decided to change up our Pollyanna to make it a couples exchange. (When you include Mom & Dad, that's 14 adults and six kids- Pollyanna is necessary!)  Each couple had to give gifts to another couple. We could give them things that were on their wish list or get creative and send them on their dream date. We had very loose guidelines this year. With a tight budget I knew I'd be getting my Pollyanna some gift cards and some gifts that I was going to make myself. Some of the things I made them included an ornament with their names, a scrapbook kit, a date jar, and just printing a family picture out and framing it for them. I also had an idea to recreate one of my favorite board games for them with a personal touch. 

The game my fiance and I decided on was Clue. I've always loved the mystery behind the game! It also reminds me of the game we play before we exchange gifts, guessing who has us. To start, I searched some stores in my area to find the game to recreate. All I could find were hard-to-work-with, newer versions of the game that weren't quite what I was envisioning. I wanted the 80's and 90's version I grew up with.  I went to Etsy and found PaperCreationsbyDeb, who sells a ton of vintage game boards and pieces at great prices. There are a few more of the clue boards on there, too! Since I was only getting the board, I decided I should pick up some game pieces, too. I found these great wooden babies on Etsy by UrbanHomesteaders. I then decided I'd make or find all of the other parts of the game in time for Christmas. 

This version of Clue was made with the thought that each room would be a house owned by one of the families, the characters would be the 6 kids, and the "weapons" would be anything a child could potentially get in a lot of trouble with. I made everyone take a picture of their families, most opted to do it in front of their Christmas Tree. I had two empty spaces left over, so I put a school and a store there, figuring those were the other two places you often take your children. 

The "weapons" were all buttons and charms I found in my mother's stash. I used crayons, a ball, paint, a phone, scissors, and money. You could guess my son getting in trouble with the paint at Nana's house and be completely accurate, by the way. I also found some dice left over from older games. 

To make the cards, I had to decide how big I wanted them to be. I found an envelope that was about 4x5.5 inches in my scrapbook stash. Since you need an envelope to play the game, I used that to make my decision about the sizing of the cards. Each card is about 3.5x5. I found pictures of all the kids with their guiltiest faces and put a line of color and their name at the top. I printed them all out on one sheet of photo matte paper or card stock. I then did the same for all of the houses and the "weapons". For the backs of the cards, I made them all say what category they were and printed them on separate sheets. After I cut everything, I laminated the fronts and backs together.  

I made the clue sheets by creating a grid in excel, including each category and each possibility. I put three across a page and printed it landscape. I then printed several copies so the game could be played many times. 

The board was the trickiest part. I first cut out black card stock for each room and covered most of it, leaving the doors visible so the player knows where to enter  the house. I used my Canon Selphy CP900 printer and the photo app Pic Frame to print out small pictures of all of the family pictures and used adhesive to stick them to the board. I also had to make new blocks for all of the characters and secret passageways. 

After everything was stuck down, I used modpodge to make sure it stayed down. Note- really old modpodge may smudge printed ink. Who knew? The newer bottle I used was fine. The older bottle could possibly be older than me. After that dried, I made the decision to put contact paper over top but it hasn't been staying on very well so we might just take that off. If you are an expert with clear contact paper it could work for you.

And there you have it! A customized board game made with love. Time for a Family Game Night! 

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  1. Love, love, love what your creative mind did with this vintage game board! So many of my customers show me what they create with items bought from my little shop, it just warms my heart.