Friday, January 17, 2014

Home Depot Do-It-Herself: Class Review

Last night, I went to my first Do-It-Herself class at my local Home Depot. The class was to teach us the skills we would need to make a storage bench/table similar to the one on Ana White's website.

The class was taught by a member of the Home Depot staff, Joe. Joe is a professional cabinet and stair maker in the area who works at HD for "gas money" (and I am thinking an employee discount).

The class started promptly at 6:30. There were 3 students (which, for a Thursday night, isn't that surprising). Joe asked us our skill level and let us steer a lot of the class time. We chose which of the different possible joins we would use in the construction as well as how to modify the molding and lid. The plans had a lid with a hinge and we changed it up to a totally removable lid. We were treated to coffee, donuts, and our very own pair of safety goggles-- safety first! Protect those eyes!

The instructor was engaging, sharing personal and professional stories with us as we went along learning. I can tell you-- this wasn't just a commercial for power tools! I learned how to DIY and use some materials I already had, use alternatives in construction... it was a great class!

At the end of the class, the instructor asked if we wanted to take home the project with us-- free! I was told that they usually mock up a few different examples of the same project with variations and the class members participate in creating an additional creation in class. At the end of the class, they give away all of the examples!  Now, to paint or to stain the beautiful maple container?

I would take another class, no doubt. In fact, I have already signed up for the next one! We will be making a tiled mirror. That sounds fun!

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  1. I love this -- so many people think it will be too hard to learn to use new tools. Kind of funny we find it easy to use all kinds of technology that is far more complicated than using a power tool! Just goes to show - you don't know what you can do until you try. Trying for free with a good instructor is even better!