Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Boss Applesauce!

Linvilla Orchards is a beloved orchard in our county.  I absolutely love it there.  They have fresh fruits and veggies that you can even pick your own.  They also have hayrides, the cutest little park, face painting, caramel apples, animals, and a little train on a track you can ride.  I have always enjoyed the time I have spent there and now that I am a mother, I enjoy it even more.

They are celebrating their 100th Anniversary this month.  Last weekend, they posted on Facebook that they were selling their apples for 5 cents a lb while supplies last!  I had to jump on that deal immediately!!  I got around 45 apples for one dollar!!!  You better believe it!  After getting home, I had to decide what to do with it all.  I decided to make homemade applesauce for the first time.


      4 Large Red Delicious Apples (skinned, cored and cut into chunks)
      3/4 cup of water
      1/4 cup of granulated sugar
      1/2 tablespoon of cinnamon

You just need to mix your ingredients all up in a pot and cover with a lid.  Put the oven top on medium heat for 20 minutes.  The apples should be soft when done.  Let it cool and then mash it all up with a could even blend depending on what texture you prefer. 

My son now calls this my "famous" applesauce.   ENJOY!  Yummy!!!

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