Wednesday, February 26, 2014

DIY Eclectic Alphabet Wall Art: Part 3

Welcome back to another installment of DIY Eclectic Letters. Today, we'll talk about letters N to S.

N: Now, before you go thinking that I know how to have a good party, please let me say that I do not drink wine. My friends and family save up their corks for my craft projects. Now that that is out of the way, I started with a brown chipboard letter I had from my scrapbooking. The letter is just shy of 12 inches tall and looks super cute in a book. I used hot glue and adhered the corks starting that the bottom of the letter (always start where there is a straight area to establish a pattern). I used artificial corks from two different wine companies to keep the size and shape as uniform as I could.

O: This letter was made by my mom, Lorelai's Nana! Mom and I are button hoarders so we had a large amount of buttons to choose from for this project. I bought the letter from the clearance section of Babies R Us -- $0.98! It was pink when we bought it so I used the spray paint and made it purple. Mom used Glossy Accents to attach the buttons. For the buttons that had shanks (posts sticking out of the back so they can be attached to clothing), we used a removing tool but scissors that you don't mind making dull work as well. We layered the buttons for some extra fun!

P: I bought a pick punch a few years ago to make a Christmas present. I took old gift cards I had and punched out a handful of picks. I painted the picks that were not in coordinating colors with a variety of acrylic paints. This letter also comes from the Babies R Us clearance section. I was worried about the two letters being right next to each other but with the different decorations, you can barely tell they are the same font.

Q: The letter Q was purchased as plain wood from the Home Depot. I painted it purple.
R: R was purchased from the clearance section of Target. The letter was already a dark brown, which fits well into my color scheme. This letter is actually intended to stand on a shelf but it also hangs quite nicely.

S: The letter S is a wooden piece from A.C.Moore. I painted the gradient fade by hand. I started with the dark purple in the bottom, dipped my paint brush and moved the paint along as far as I could. I added a little white to the paint I'd poured and continued on (in the curve area at the bottom). More and more while was added, moving up the letter. When I go to the middle section, I changed to a new brush to ensure I wasn't going to get dark streaks from before. The lightest color at the top was also painted with a separate brush. I next glued ribbon along the edge.

More to come on making your own eclectic alpha wall!
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