Sunday, March 23, 2014

DIY Eclectic Alphabet Wall Art: Part 4

Welcome back to our Alphabet Wall Art tips and tutorials. Today, we will run thru letter T to letter Z. I made a few of these letters from stratch so I will walk you thru that process as well!

T: I paid $2.29 on Amazon for this blue letter T. I painted the top green. Next, I painted the edge purple and glow-in-the-dark purple over that. With the lights out, the outline glows on this letter making it pretty cool!

U: The letter U was made by my sister-in-law, Sarah. Sarah started with a wooden letter and painted it royal purple. Taking a Martha Stewart punch, she cut out flowers of white paper that she had sponge painted with our green. She glued down the flowers in clusters and added Dewdrops. Next, a small letter U bought in the Micheal's clearance bins was glued to the front to finish it off.

V: I made the letter V from a Cheez-It box. I consulted the tutorial on Green Zebra Crafts for hints but mainly made up my method as I went. First, I printed the letter V I was trying to mimic from my computer. The letter is 11 inches wide so it took put most of my paper. First I removed the sides of the box and put them to the side so I only have the front and back of the box. We will be using those pieces later. Next, I traced and cut the front and back of the letter. Using the sides of the box and masking tape, I ran the cardboard along about a half inch inside of the edge of the letter. You can get an idea of the inset from the image below. I will admit-- I used alot of masking tape on this project. I opted not to decoupage or use a wet glue since I was working with cardboard.  After the letter was created, I painted it dark purple and used Elmer's glue to adhere the glitter. I sealed the letter so there wouldn't be glitter all over my house in the coming years.

W: My sister Caitlin made the letter W-- White Wedding. Caitlin had just been married the year before and I believe she was still feeling inspired. The letter was purchased already painted white. Caitlin used hot glue to attach the lace "veil" and "garter". To the garter, she also added a white ribbon and flower. Next, she took a cluster of purple ribbon roses withe a spray of pearls. Using Glossy Accents, Caitlin attached a pearl necklace using scrapbooking half pearls.

X: I bought the fabric covered X on Amazon as well (again for $2.29). The edges of the letter are green with white polka-dots but the front was blue and white gingham. I used acrylic paints to make the front of the X all green and added white dots by hand.

Y: Using a chipboard letter that is 11x11, I chose to yarn wrap the letter Y. I chose a lovely variegated purple yarn by Patton's. To keep the ends from falling off of the rounded edges of the letter, I added a bead of Elmer's glue to each end on the back side.

Z: I made the letter Z using cardboard and masking tape. Again, I used a cereal box, removed the sides of the box and cut out the front and back of the letter from the front and back of the box. "More masking tape!", I cried as I used the cereal box sides to give my letter a uniform thickness all around. For this letter, I made the sides and front edges meet in a smooth transition. I painted the edges purple and the front white. Next, I took my scrapbook supplies and pulled out all of the green, purple, brown, and white letter Z's that I had. It probably does not surprise you but the letter Z is not one that I use often so I had many options to choose from. I glued and layered the Z's on in three different occasions so that I could let the glue dry and add the dimension I wanted.

More to come on making your own eclectic alpha wall!

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