Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine's Day Craft- Date Jar & Date Ideas

Last Christmas I made my Pollyanna couple a Date Jar filled with mostly inexpensive and fun ideas for the couple to do together or with their family. I wanted to share those date ideas here with you! 

1. Watch the Sunset Together
2. Go to your Local Farmer's Market 
3. Visit a Pet Shop and look at pets
4. Watch a Movie, Pop Popcorn
5. Find an Outdoor Concert with Cheap Lawn Tickets and bring your lawn chairs
6. Go for a bike ride
7. Play a board game
8. light candles, play romantic music, and have a nice meal together
9. Barbeque
10. Go Mini Golfing
11. Garden together
12. Bowling
13. Learn to Cook a Meal together (you can ask a friend to teach you to make something!)
14. Visit a local musuem or local historical landmark
15. Plan a Picnic in the park
16. Go on a Road Trip
17. Thrifting- yard sales, thrift shops
18. Paint Balloon or Water Gun fight
19. Go to an arcade
20. Carnival
21. find a bar with Karaoke and sing a duet
22. go to a show and support a local band
23. Paint some art
24. go on a second "first date" drive separate and pretend you just met
25. go on a hike
26. make smores by a bonfire
27. fly kites together
28. go out for ice cream
29. Snow Ball Fight!
30. make hot chocolate
31. tv show marathon
32. rollerblade at your local skating rink
33. go to a restaurant you havent been to
34. try a work out class on tv or at your gym if you have a membership
35. milkshakes at nifty fiftys (a local 50's style restaurant)
36. build a snow man
37. visit the pumpkin patch
38. visit tourist places in a nearby city (many are free!)
39. take a walk at the nearby state park
40. go to a festival or convention
41. Do Crosswords or Sudoku together
42. play hide and seek (at a park or at home)
43. wear your jammies, eat cereal, and watch your favorite kid cartoons
44. Go to Linvilla Orchards (local farm), Feed the ducks
45. build a fort together
46. make your own pizza
47. go Geocaching
48. YouTube a Dance Lesson
49. Watch a Documentary together
50. Do a Puzzle
51. read a book together, out loud
52. Play a video game together
53. Camp indoors, make smores, sleep in your family room
54. See a show in a theater
55. make a gingerbread house
56. Look at Christmas Lights
57. Play Pool at the Billiards
58. Rearrange furniture
59. Have a photo shoot
60. Go on a scavenger hunt

In my Date Jar I painted plain craft sticks different colors and organized the activities and dates by category - Summer, Winter, $$, Outdoor, Active, etc. I wrote on the sticks with a thin sharpie pen and included a tag with all of the categories in the jar.

I hope this gives you some fun ideas to do this year! 

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