Thursday, February 6, 2014

Lego Week: DIY Lego Key Holder

I love the idea of adding fun into your home decor. I have seen a few different key holders around the internet including one that is sold by Lego and thought... I can do that!

For this Lego project, I started tinkering with a few of the Lego pieces we picked up at the store last week. My partner came upon me and demanded he participate. Ian has been an avid Lego fan since he was a small child.

To make the plate, we used a Lego Blue Building Plate as the base. Next, Ian designed the door. He used pieces we had purchased at the Lego store from the brick wall to make a flat door, trim, and doorknob brick.  The key, he used several bricks without the bumps on the top to give the feeling of a sleek piece of metal.

You can approach this at several levels of DIY. In our case, we made key chains with the Technic Lego block that are designed with holes in the sides of the bricks. I bought a package of key rings at Micheal's-- done! You could use a drill and put a hole in your own standard Lego brick too! Here, you would choose a good place for your ring, drill, and add in the key ring. On an even simpler level, you could buy a ready-made Lego man key chain available in the stores and online.

Using a drill, make a whole in the Lego plate close to each corner and screw into the wall by your front door. Alternatively, you could use mirror hooks to hang the plate if you are shy about putting holes into your precious Lego pieces.

Ian was so excited about the project, he pulled out a notebook and started sketching an "even better" key holder for our home. I see a special online order in my future-- and I promise to post the results of that adventure as well.

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