Saturday, February 1, 2014

Lego Week- DIY Lego Storage

I hope everyone is enjoying Lego Week. My exciting announcement is that there is MORE next week! That's right, another week of Lego Inspired crafts! 

This Lego Head Jar was incredibly easy. It is my alternative to this one that sells for around $20.00 in most stores (unless you can find a local Marshall's where it's on clearance!). My DIY Lego Storage is a bit larger, made from one of those plastic containers that pretzels and cheese balls come in. I saw some great jars on pinterest and was excited to try it myself. 

First, I used acrylic paint on the inside of the jar. I started by letting it drip from the top rim down. then I painted all around the inside. I put two or three coats of paint on, letting it dry in between each coat. I then used a sharpie marker to make the face on the front. Simple as that! 

It fits nicely under my DIY Lego Table, too! You can try with any size jar you like. Enjoy!

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