Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Lego Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Caitlin here. I am the sister who is obsessed with a good themed party. I always try to gear the theme to something that is relevant to the star of the party! Since it is Lego Week, I wanted to compile some fabulous ideas for a Lego Themed Birthday Party!

First, you are going to need invitations. Mo made some really cute handmade Lego Cards here. Making your own invitations is very easy to do. You can focus on the age the child is turning here as well.


Primary Colored balloons would work great here. Cheap and easy! 

You can make your own Lego Pinata and fill it with Lego bricks, Lego brick shaped candy, Lego "guys", M&Ms (which I have seen them referenced as Lego Man Poop).

Plates can be Yellow with faces drawn on them to look like a Lego Man head. (square plates would work best here).

For a utensil holder, you can build that out of bricks yourself!

We just visited our local Lego store and received a free Lego Movie poster! Lucky us! I would use that in my decor. You can also make signs using a Lego font which you can get free at www.typenow.net.


Main dish can be a classic party food...PIZZA! Make it square shaped pizza with pepperoni so they look like the Lego bricks! My little brother actually had a little girl attend his Ninja Turtle party where we served pizza. She did not like pizza. My mother ended up making her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. In case that happens to you, you can simply cut the sandwich into rectangles and add circle shapes made out of the bread on top. Problem solved :)

The cake can be made in so many creative and different ways. One I would personally try because of my skill level would be making cupcakes and placing a chocolate molded yellow Lego guy on top. Another route I would go is making rectangle cake (like a pound cake shape) and either placing the upside down cupcakes or large marshmallows on top. Then, cover with icing!

Lastly, we made yummy Lego brick gummies the other day. I would totally have them out for kids to snack on or place in their goodie bags! Lego cookies are also fun and easy to make!

Check out more Lego Food ideas later this week on our blog.


You can have several stations set up for the kiddies to play throughout the day. Depending on age or skill level, there are so many different games you can try!

Lego Scavenger hunt:
You can describe the different Lego pieces (or provide a picture) for them to find. These Legos can be hidden or in plain site. First one with all the Lego pieces listed wins!

Lego Bingo:
You can make a printable with different Lego pieces on a Bingo board with cards to draw. First one to complete a row wins!

I did a review on Creationary, the Lego game, last week. You can of course play this game at your next Lego party! It is fun for all ages (7 and up is recommended)

You can make Lego Man crayons like we did here and provide a printable coloring page for the kids to color and take home.

Set up a station with assorted Lego bricks to build your own picture frame (take the child's photo if you have a photo printer) and send them home with a cute party favor!

You can also have them make a Lego magnet. Just glue a magnet to the back of their creations!

Since I am into making jewelry ...I would set up a station with easy to use materials for kids to create their own bracelets or necklaces!

You can have the kids sit in a circle. First child rolls a dice. Whatever number they roll, they add bricks to a creation. Than the next person rolls and places those bricks on the other person's bricks and so on. You will end up with some silly creations.

Since my 4 year old nephew is really into building things out of cardboard boxes right now (there is seriously the biggest spaceship in the living room right now as I speak), you can get different sized boxes and cover with primary paper. Make them look like Lego bricks. They can build a fort with the bricks or just simple towers! Kids love knocking those towers down!

Party Favors:

For the party bags, you can get cheap primary colored paper bags and cut out little circles to paste on them. They look like Lego bricks! Fill them with Lego Mini-builds, Lego cookies, gummies, Lego Men, Lego Crayons, Soap, Chocolates...whatever your budget allows! Just like Lego, the possibilities are endless!

DON'T FORGET the Thank You notes!! Teaching my kids manners and gratitude will always matter most. You can make your Thank yous to match your invitations easily!

My son and niece are turning two this March. I am seriously considering a Duplo themed party for them (since they are still too little for Lego). Hope this inspired you as well!

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