Friday, February 7, 2014

Lego Week - Lego Wrap Up

I hope everyone enjoyed the past two weeks of Lego crafting inspiration! We certainly had fun putting it all together. Here are a few other ideas we came up with.

Lego Coasters:

I took one of the $5.00 building mats and cut it in quarters to make some fun Lego coasters. Since the top of the mat is slippery, I made a border of Legos along the edge so the cups don't slide off. I figured after using these at a party you could give the coasters to the kids to take home and play with. 

We also added Lego to hand soap and sanitizer in this fun project:
This project is super easy to make. Take an empty soap bottle that you removed the old labels from and pour a little clear soap or sanitizer inside. Add in some Lego pieces and more soap. Keep layering until there is an inch left from the top-- don't forget to leave space for the pump! With the soap, the Lego eventually floats back to the top. With the sanitizer, the pieces stay practically where you put them. 

The two bottles on the outside are hand sanitizer. I'll be using that at my desk at work (so many germs!) and at our diaper changing area in the house. The hand soap is being kept in the bathroom with the training potty. It is just another exciting reason to get potty trained soon soon soon!

Here are some treats I tried out, all inspired by Legos:

That's flat bread pizza my son helped me make and cut into pieces, some fruit snacks on top of fruit strips, peanut butter crackers on top of more peanut butter crackers,very big rice krispie treats, and sugar cookies with colored icing and M&M's on top. It was fun snacking on all of these goodies this week. 

Feel free to share any Lego Inspired crafts or recipes you've tried in the comments below!

I hope you all enjoyed our  Lego Week. To see all of our Lego Inspired posts,  click on this link
 We're off to the movies to see the new Lego Movie this weekend! 

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