Monday, March 3, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Craft- Candy Gift

I have seen a lot of St. Patrick's Day rainbow treats and wanted to share some I made last year. The materials I gathered were 3 x 10 treat bags, M & M's, Rolo's, gold chocolate coins from the super market bulk candy isle, and rainbow Twizzlers. 

My son helped sort all of the candy by color. It was a fun thing for a toddler to do, and he was learning to sort and identify colors at the time so it was perfect all around! 

After sorting all of the candy, I put the M&M's and Rolo's together. The Rolo's were the gold at the bottom and the M & M's were in rainbow order on top.

I put the big gold coins on the bottom of the Rainbow Twizzlers. 

Of course the longest task was sorting those M&M's and many of them went missing during the sorting! I handed these out to my team at work. They were a hit! 

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