Monday, November 18, 2013

What's New!

 We've been quite busy working on some great crafts for our store in our free time. Here is a peek at some of the things we've been doing!

I've been working on diaper cake designs. Here is one Hero Diaper Cake inspired by Wonder Woman. 

The tutu with lasso and tiara were made by Shannon. They would look adorable on a little baby girl! I think Diaper Cakes are great for baby shower decorations. Every diaper can be used, too.  I used size 1 Pampers Swaddlers.  Each cake is custom made and the accessories may be different, depending on the inspiration and size. 

Shannon has been working on some crochet hats. She's made Ninja Turtle hats, Thor helmets, and the Wonder Woman accessories that go with the diaper cake. 

You can buy the Ninja turtle hat or pattern at our Etsy store. My son wears his all the time and we get compliments everywhere we go! 

Caitlin has been working on some beautiful jewelry pieces. Here is a Necklace inspired by Wolverine. I just love how it looks like his claws!

 She's made more Sailor Moon earrings and they are amazing. Sailor Moon is definitely my childhood favorite. 

She's also made this gorgeous faux pearl multi-layered necklace with a pod of crystals. These products will be available at our Etsy store soon!

Check back for updates as we continue to grow and come up with new ideas. Leave a comment if you're thinking of a hero we haven't featured! Personally, I'm hoping for some Quail Man. ;) 

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