Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Free Printable - Letter to Santa

My daughter will be one and a half this Christmas. Last year, we had a fun time playing with the balls on the Christmas tree and ripping paper, but she didn't have a clear understanding of the holiday and all it entails.

Now, I am not going to suggest she understands about elves, reindeer, or giving but she certainly knows who Santa is-- she picked out his picture in a magazine and we didn't even teach her that association!

Being the aunt of many nephews and a mother, one of the most popular questions I have come across over the past two weeks is when Lorelai's Christmas List for Santa will be ready. For fun, I made a free printable to share with all of you so you can also get your child's list together and sent out in the mail to the North Pole.

Click the image above or you can go to the link here to download your own Letter to Santa.

I made sure to include a note about donating to another child in need this holiday season so that I could start instilling that idea in Lorelai at a young age. Every year, I will make sure she participates in Christmas Giving (as well as giving throughout the year). It is something that my family taught me and certainly something that we will be carrying on as a family together.

I love holiday traditions! What is your favorite? Are you going to start a new one this year?

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