Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thor Week- Even More Thor Inspired Crafts

Hello! Mo here with another Thor Inspired post. Hope everyone is having a great Thursday! (Thorsday?) Anyway, today I wanted to share some additional crafts I did this week that were fairly quick and lots of fun!

First, I searched the web and found this free Thor Cross stitch pattern! 

You can find the PDF download of this pattern by avozika on this website. Since I haven't cross stitched in years, I think beginners could definitely do it. So if you ever wanted to try cross stitching, now is the time! Here is what it looks like completed:

 I stitched this entire pattern while sitting in the dentist's waiting room and watching my favorite prime time TV shows this week. I like to multitask. I still need to put it in a frame and I'm considering stitching a quote underneath just for fun. 

Also this week I made this picture frame: 

I used a wooden frame from my local craft store and some old comic books I found in a thrift store. This was a "teens +" version of Thor. I cut up some interesting parts of the comic book and rearranged them on the picture frame until I liked what I saw. 

Then I got the Mod Podge out! 

This stuff is great. I was able to glue everything down with it. Then, using a paint sponge brush, I put a thin layer of the mod podge over the top and took care along the edges. I put a couple layers on and let it dry. Then I painted the sides and back of the frame black with some help from my son. We like to paint together.

After the paint was dry I sprayed some acrylic sealer on top to make sure everything stays put. The most time consuming part of this project was waiting for everything to dry, but honestly the paint and mod podge dried within minutes. This one is definitely an easy and fast project and I still have plenty of pages from the comic book left to make another!

Thanks for reading, now get crafting!

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