Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thor Week - Crash design lesson on the God of Thunder Jewelry

Making the sexy Thor inspired jewelry was one of the most fun pieces to design for me.  I am Irish and my name is of Gaelic decent.  I have always been a fan of the Celtic knot and even incorporated it into my wedding.  My son received a blessed Trinity knot necklace from me and my husband and he carried a Love Knot cross-stitched onto the ring bearer's pillow.  My husbands, wedding band also has a Celtic design.  After seeing the movie "Thor," I was inspired by the Celtic knot that glowed on his favored weapon of choice...his hammer.  

When designing the first Thor necklace, I made sure to capture the beauty of the Celtic knots while staying true to the colors of Thor's costume.  Incorporating the wings in the design was a must. They represent the wings on the sides of his helmet.

The second necklace I made featured more Celtic knots but also focused on the beauty of that design with the large focal point being obviously the knot pendant.

The earrings stayed true to Thor's colors but also reminded me of the shape of the hammer.  The lightning was a powerful statement to have dangling at the bottom.  I chose to make a pair with the lightning and without the lightning depending on the taste of the wearer.

The final piece designed in the Thor likeness is the silver charm bracelet.  Again, the Celtic knot is highlighted in the charms but also a crown and a shield showing that he is also a prince as well as a warrior.

All of these beautiful designs can be purchased here in our store.  Let us know what you think.

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