Friday, November 8, 2013

How we got our name!

Hello.  My name is Caitlin and I am the second oldest sister with two boys.  I was the first one to have a child, the first one to scrapbook, and am always the first one running down the stairs to open my Christmas presents!  I am really excited for the upcoming holidays as they are my favorite.  In fact, I was married on New Years Eve which was in itself beautiful and magical.  The pictures of us that Maureen posted were taken at my rehearsal dinner.  We looked fabulous at the wedding I must say.  I look forward to making holiday crafts this year with my sons and sisters!  Check back soon to see what is new with us!

So you might be wondering how we came up with the name Mega Monkey Mash?  Well, my younger crafty sister, Shannon, had made her own “board game”…minus a board.  It is much like the game “Apples to Apples,” but instead she laminated cards with pictures of famous people, people she knows, and other various things making this game hilarious and unique.  She titled the game, “Space Monkey Mafia,” which I historically forgot and kept calling it “Mega Monkey Mash.”  I guess I could only remember something about Monkeys?  I don’t know.  So when we decided to collaborate and start this blog and business, we made a list of everything and anything we could think of for name suggestions.  The second she said, “Mega Monkey Mash,” my eyes lit up.  I just knew it was the name for us!  Maybe because it is a name I can remember :) 

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