Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Day of the Doctor: Roundup!

Greetings, Whovians! I, like so many others, will be tuning into the BBC tonight to view the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special and kick off to the final episodes of Number 11 (Matt Smith; tears).

In honor of the mad man in the blue box, I did a Doctor Who Crafty Round Up!

Do you cross stitch? This is a wonderful combo of Mad Men and the Eleventh Doctor! I'm geeking out!

Here we go-- one you can make with the kids! Crayon art has been seen all over the internet and I have still yet to try it! I probably would give it a go for my very own Tardis in the house...

The Fourth Doctor was famous for his long knit scarf. See how cute it is in knee-sock form?

Oh, how posh! A Tardis card Tutorial!! You can make your very own blue box that is bigger on the inside. I'm going to have to try my hand at this one.

Perler Beads can be used to make some awesome Christmas tree ornaments! In fact, she has a WHOLE WHO-TREE featured on her blog! Fantastic!

Ahhhhhh! And my mind is melting!! Also on Doodle Crafts, Natalie has made a family of Doctor Who stockings!! There is even tutorials so please head on over there if you are looking to celebrate the holidays, Doctor Who style!

For the crochetting set, there are a ton of versions of the Doctor and his feidnish Foes.

You can even convert your hook into a sonic screwdriver or a Tardis!

And this is just a taste of what is out there! Go forth and craft in honor of the man that has saved the Earth a hundred times over for 50 years, The Doctor!

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