Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Snow Day Activities Round Up

We've had a lot of snow around here this winter, which has led to a lot of snow days with the kids. It gets a little crazy around here if the kids aren't kept distracted. Here are some fun ideas to keep things sane. 

First, do you have any washi tape or masking tape? 

Dirt and Boogers made this adorable little city using some tape and dumping Legos, blocks, and a train set out for the kids to create.

This is another example of a town made from tape on the floor. 

Since you already have the tape out, why not try a fun maze for all those action figures to get through? By OurScribbledWalls

Have any Marshmallows in the cabinet? Try these out:

A tower made of marshmallows and spaghetti. There are so many ways you can make one, and its fun to see how tall you can get it! Here's one my teammates made at work, but you can definitely get some kids in on the action.

License2mommy made this cute indoor snowman from marshmallows. 

If you want to get really creative and do some DIY with the kids, try these:

Make your own playdough using stuff from your cabinet! 

These wands by trainsandtutus might take some setting up the night before, but they turn out amazing!

If you have kids that love to build things, try these activities:

Stacking cups up high and then knocking them all over! I know a few little boys that would love doing that! By Allboyhomeschool

There are so many ways to do a tension rod fort, and if you have one or two of those rods handy you are good to go! Here is a cute pirate fort by diaryofapreppymom

If you have some boxes laying around, why not make a city? Here's one I made for my son with boxes left over from Christmas. It started off as Gotham City, then later blankets were thrown across the boxes to make a Ninja Turtle Sewer. He played in there a long time!

And if you're really interested in going out in that snow, here are a couple ideas to make it more interesting:

Put some food coloring into spray bottles and spray the snow! How adorable is this snowman by HowDoesShe?

Use that same food coloring and some balloons to make these big ice marbles! Hide them in the snow and let the kids go on a treasure hunt. 

I hope that gives you some fun ideas to get through the rest of the winter season. Here's hoping for warmer days ahead! 

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  1. Oooh fun ideas! I really like the snow coloring. A friend of mine has a little boy that would probably love that. And those wands are amazing! I want one!!