Tuesday, March 25, 2014

DIY Flower Crafts

Today I'm sharing Spring inspired flowers you can create with things you have in your house.

First is the toilet paper roll flower. You cut five strips from the toiler paper roll, staple them together, and add a stem. You can paint them to be pretty colors and add a flower pot on the bottom (my son's idea). 

Next are some flowers made from tissue paper. Start with a few sheets of tissue paper and fold them accordion-style, flipping the paper over each time you fold. I cut mine down the center so i could make a fuller and smaller flower. Wrap a wire or pipe cleaner around the center. Then staple the tissue paper near the wire so it holds together. After that, just spread out your petals to your liking. 

Finally, I wanted to share some Duct Tape flowers my coworkers made for me when I changed jobs. They turned out beautiful and everyone at my new office loves them. Plus the gobstoppers at the bottom of the vase were a big bonus for my sweet tooth. 

Here's how you make them. Grab some pens, duct tape, and scissors if you don't like to rip the tape. Follow the steps below.

I'll bet you can find lots of things in your home that will make beautiful flowers! 

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