Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring is here! Quick Spring Crafts

Spring is finally here! We couldn't be more thrilled, even if it is still a bit chilly outside. Time to do some crafting to welcome this wonderful season. 

First, we made some pinwheels.

We gathered the supplies below: 
A hole punch, pencils, push pins, scissors, and 6x6 paper in Spring colors.

After we picked out our papers, we cut diagonal lines from each corner towards the center. Do not cut all the way to the center! 

Next, we punched a hole in the center of the paper and on the right side of each of the triangular pieces. 

I folded each corner with the hole into the center, put the push pin through the hole and stuck the entire thing onto the eraser of the pencil.

Now we had pretty pinwheels for Nana's plants! They didn't spin all too well because we used thick paper, but they sure look festive.

The next craft we did was for the birds.

Spread the peanut butter onto a toilet paper roll.

Roll the toilet paper roll in some bird seed.

Hang your bird feeder up in a tree using a wire or string. Enjoy the bit of free time you get afterwards as your child stares out the window waiting for birds.

Have you been getting inspired by Spring? Show us in the comments below! 

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