Monday, January 30, 2017

Valentine's Day - Date Ideas

A few years ago we posted 60 Date Ideas as well as lots of activities to do together as a couple or with your family. Today I want to add to that list with some more ideas to help you figure out what to do this Valentine's Day and any day, really! 

Here are 25 more activities or date ideas to add to your date jar:

1. Brewing company tour (there are so many!) 
2. Take a pottery class
3. Plant Nite
4. Wine tasting 
5. Decorate cupcakes and have someone judge who made the best one
6. Kickboxing class
7. Try a ballroom dance lesson 
8. Go ice skating
9. Batting cage practice
10. Visit a nearby theme park/amusement park 
11. Try a woodworking class - there are plenty of free ones at Lowes and Home Depot
12. Go to a crafting class - Michaels and Joanns offer many different kinds
13. Host a game night - my favorite! 
14. Go to mall and buy eachother an outfit to wear out to dinner
15. Get a couple's massage or give one to each other
16. Visit dog park or animal shelter - many shelters let you come and walk the puppies 
17. Indoor rock climbing
18. Paintball
19. Escape the Room - grab some other couples to help you!
20. Visit a zoo or aquarium - there may be several in your area
21. Go to a sports game - high school, college, professional - whatever! 
22. Check out a comedy show
23. Go to an indoor pool or indoor water park
24. Horse back riding 
25. Go fishing or take a boat ride 

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