Monday, January 16, 2017

Valentine's Day Crafting - Decorations

All the Christmas decorations are officially away. My house looks empty without them. Valentine's Day is  less than a month away I am itching to keep it looking nice and decorated with lots of hearts and pink and red things! 

The first project I worked on was a Tulle Wreath: 

I started with a wire wreath from Michael's, scissors, lots of tulle in different colors, and a Be Mine hanging decoration I bought at the dollar store years ago. I normally just have that on the front door but this year I want a full wreath! 

Using my measuring cutting mat that is on my desk, I cut 6 inch pieces of tulle and just tied them in knots going around the wreath on the outside circle. I didn't do a pattern or follow any order, I just grabbed whatever color and went with it. 

Then I began tying them to the inside circle. It was time consuming but if you cut all your tulle beforehand and put on your current Netflix binge-watch you are good to go! 

Here is mine all done and on my crazy bright door. It is so full and fluffy and pink! 

What I love about the tulle wreaths is that you can do some for any season in any colors. I got the idea from the Santa wreaths we made at a Pinterest Party recently. They were amazing. 

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