Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Shadowbox Fun

There are so many things you can do with Shadow Boxes! I love using the one we got for our Bridal Shower for beer caps in our bar area. My husband and I like trying out different beers and it is fun to see the different colors and types collecting in the shadow box. 
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This weekend, we got together to make our own Ticket Shadow Box and Memorabilia Shadow Box using our Silhouette Cameo and some Cricut Brand Gold Glitter Vinyl

I wouldn't say we are experts on the process, but we like to try things out and make new things. Shannon made the ticket holder for her ever-growing collection of various ticket stubs. I love this idea and wish I hadn't tossed all old movie tickets recently! 

I believe the size of this shadow box is 11x12 and should hold a good amount of tickets. Some patterned paper on the back of the box worked out nicely with the very sparkly lettering on the front using the Rio Grande font. You can't tell in the picture but I'm telling you this is very sparkly gold! 

Look how cute it is with all the tickets inside! I spy a ticket from 1999 in there - I bet it isn't even the oldest one. 

My shadow box was much smaller at 8x8. I used map paper as my background and thought I'd use the shadow box to hold little bits of memorabilia from my adventures this year.  I used a couple of different fonts to get the words and arrow and I love how it turned out. Glittery gold over pretty blue. Love. 

Now I have to go do things so I can use it! 

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