Monday, January 2, 2017

Valentines Day Crafting - Cards

 Happy New Year! I'm excited to start the year off getting crafty. Right now I am already preparing for Valentine's Day. I wanted to make my husband and my son a card and I ended up making several options! I don't typically make cards or use stamps but I had fun giving it a try. 

I also made some Printable Valentines to give to my little niece and nephews. You can download them here if you like!

I looked around and found some really cute free printable Valentine's Day Cards and thought I'd share my favorites from my search!

These Sweetheart Valentines from BunnyCakes are simple and adorable! 

These Lego Movie Valentines from Todaysmama are fantastic!

I adore these simple heart Valentines from the Red Kitchen

I found a couple Star Wars Valentines! My favorite is from AGrandeLife. Aren't they cute?

That's all for now! Check back for some more Valentine's Day crafting coming up in the next few weeks! 

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