Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Simple Christmas Activity Calendar Banner-Style

This year's Christmas Activity Advent Calendar came together quickly. I was able to get this done in under an hour! 

This was a very simple project:

 1. cut even strips of Kraft Paper
  2. fold in half
3. stamp numbers and stars on the front
 4.write the activity of the day inside
  5. close with Washi tape

 I then pinned them onto some twine that will hang somewhere in the house where my son can take them down each day to read the activity. I am excited to try this more simple version out this year.

A lot of the activities are the same as last year's Activity Calendar, but I changed around a few - we have a couple of events this December and I wanted to try out some new activities. too.

1. Decorate the House and Make a Decoration
2. Write a Letter to Santa (we use the Mega Monkey Mash printable
3. Take a Family Photo
4. Order and Make Christmas Cards
5. String Lights Outside
6. Go Ice Skating
7. Visit Santa at the Company Christmas Party (or the mall)
8. Christmas Family Game Night
9. Make Presents (my son makes small things for his Aunts and Uncles. Last year he painted ornaments)
10. Watch a Christmas Movie
11. Make a Christmas Craft (this year I am thinking of some hand and foot print crafts)
12. Dinner Date
13. See the Light Show at our local farm 
14. Decorate the Tree
15. Bake Cookies
16. Check out the lights around the neighborhood, pick out our favorite house (maybe leave a prize at their door!) 
17. Another Christmas Movie Night
18. Write and Draw a new Christmas Story
19. Christmas Date in the City (we live near Philadelphia)
20. Decorate Gingerbread House
21. Winter Walk in the Park 
22. Make a New Ornament for the Tree
23. Wrap the Presents We Made
24. Cookies and Milk for Santa! And go to sleep early of course.

Do you have any fun Christmastime traditions? Please share! I am always looking for something different to try. 

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