Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter Tweets

Easter baskets and dinners are all about the treats! I have been looking to Pinterest for inspiration for my Easter Baskets and desserts. I have come across some really cute ideas that I will now share with you. I have small children still and don't want to get all crazy with the sugar, personally. So I need to scale this down to a decision or two ...or three :)

First idea that I am DEFINITELY doing for my niece, nephews, sons and family alike is dipping large strawberries in orange colored white chocolate. They look like cute little carrots! Who doesn't love strawberries and chocolate?!?

What about pretzel sticks dipped in chocolate and sprinkles? Not that big of a deal or anything but still cute and not too sugary.

My son and niece are both two. They would KILL for a marshmellow. What do you think of these cute Peep Pops? I am so in love! I am thinking about maybe making "wands" for them with some fresh fruit and a peep on the top of the skewer.

You can take the same peep...dip in chocolate...and place a mini marshmellow on the back for the tail. :)

Brownies are awesome. Enough said. I have an oval shaped cookie cutter that I can use to cut out egg shapes and decorate them with whatever I want. Love this idea. Simple and cute and very festive!

Me and my older son love this idea...Why? Because it has M&Ms in it. Duh! Making the M&Ms look like a carrot on top of the icing was pretty crafty in my opinion. I like this idea.

A fan favorite would have to be these cute Peep Smores. They are just the right size for small mouths. Graham cracker, Peeps Marshmellow, and a mini chocolate. YUMMY!!!

What about these rice krispie treat eggs? I like that there can even be a surprise hidden in the middle! Fun...and kinda healthy as far as a treat goes :)

SQQQQUUUEEEALLL! These pretzel ducks are super cute and creative! How easy this must be...although...mine may not turn out that nice. I am impatient after all.

So what do you think? If you were to pick from this list, which would you choose?

Happy Easter!!! :) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxo

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