Monday, December 2, 2013

Kicking off the Christmas Season - Gift in a Jar Ideas

The Christmas Season has officially arrived! I hope everyone has been taking advantage of great ideas and deals for their gift lists. I am happy to report it is already feeling like Christmas here with the daily Christmas books, music, and activities. So far, so good!

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite DIY Jar Gift ideas that I've found around the internet. There are so many amazing ideas for DIY Gifts and the Jar Gifts are simple, quick, and fun!

    Here is a great idea for women of all ages. Grab your jar and add nail polish, soaps, nail clippers, wash clothes, lip balm, hand sanitizers, etc.

A jar full of small household items for someone with a new home. That can include cleaner, washcloths, bag clips, magnets, kitchen tools, batteries, etc.

I love this idea for friends who work long or late hours. Fill a jar with coffee/tea packets, nuts, chocolate, energy bars, etc.

Know anyone who sews or likes to craft? Make them a sewing kit! This idea makes me think of all sorts of crafts to make jars for!

Yum- ingredients for hot chocolate. Add a mug and I'm good to go!

This idea is so cute for kids- especially when their parents tell you they have enough toys! Make your own playdough and decorate the jar for the kids.

I've seen this idea pop up all over pinterest this year, and I love it! Make your own snow globe, personalize for your loved one!

This one is simple. Put an apron in a jar and add your favorite recipe!

This idea is great for kids! Paint the jars and use a sharpie to make them look like Lego Heads. Add some legos inside and bask in glory.

Sometimes the most meaningful present you can give to your partner is one that expresses exactly how you feel and costs next to nothing. Share each of your reasons in a jar and give to your loved one.

Make your own bubbles and give them out to the kids. Fun!

I love S'mores. They are delicious! Here is a yummy recipe for a S'more Jar.

Lastly, the Cookie Mix jar. There are a ton of recipes out there and they are so creative. Here's a cute one for Cowgirl Cookies. There are pink candies and oats and chocolate chips. YUM.

Stay tuned for more great gift and craft ideas all month long!  

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