Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Card Time!

It is that time of year for sending and receiving Christmas Cards!  I am surprised I haven't received any yet, but I know they are coming soon. 

 My son, Dylan, opened his 4th envelope of Christmas Activites this morning and in it was blank Christmas Cards!  He was really excited! 

 Kids love to send and receive mail.  Little does he know, I was tricking him into practicing his writing and how to write a letter :)  I am slick that way. 

I went to Target and in that mini aisle near the registers, they have small Christmas Crafts for kids.  I bought Dylan a pack of four christmas cards to color, write and mail for just $1.00!!

I love watching kids be creative and get excited about being creative!  He was super excited to be able to make his cousin, Christopher, his very own Christmas Card.

Do you send Christmas Cards every year?  Do you make them yourselves?  Do you always send a new family photo?

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