Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I Spy with my Little Eye... Christmas! DIY Ornament Tutorial

 Today we are going to talk about making an I Spy ornament for children. I made a few of these for my daughter and nephews and they love them. For the younger kids, they like shaking the mix to see what pops up and the big kids like the challenge of the game.

What will you fill your ornaments with?

Here are the supplies I picked up at the store. All Christmas is 70% off in most craft stores so now is the time to buy!
You will need:
- Decorative Filler. I used small clear beads sold in the floral section of the craft store
- Clear Christmas Ball with removable lid
- Christmas items
- Spoon
- Tag for labeling
- Pen
- Super Glue

1. Start by opening up the ornament and filling it half way with the decorative filler. Use a funnel or a rolled up piece of paper to help make pouring easier. If you are making these with children helping, I recommended using the spoon as a shovel to help full up the balls.

2. Add in your Christmas items. As you are filling, write down what the kids should be seeking so you have that list-- you'll forget what you put in there, I swear! I like to add in extra items that are not listed for fun and to make it more challenging. Depending on how old the recipient is, you decide what items they should look for!

3. Finish filling the ball until there is a little space at the top. Remember, you will want to leave some space so the kids can shake up the filler and uncover the items.

4. Super glue the lid to the ball. This step is very important as these lids are designed to be removed typically. You don't want a huge explosion with filler all over the place.  Tie the tag you have made to the top of the ball. I used sparkly yarn but you can use whatever you like.

5. Now test your creation! Give it a shake. What do you see?

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